Frequently Ask Questions

Ans: It all depends on the availability of the car mechanic. We make sure to deliver our services in quick time with everything tightened up quick.

Ans: It is easy to book your next car service with us. You just need to fill the basic details on deepamcarpoint and there you go or you can just give us a call on +91 963 243 4352.

Ans: We offer car maintenance services, wheel alignment services, car painting and denting services as well as spare parts services at affordable costs.

Ans: We take Credit card, Debit card, Upi payments as well as accepts cash too.

Ans: An estimate is dependent on the service you want to opt for but for a very basic car service we charge around Rs 1500/- (Hatchback Maruti, tata and Hyundai cars) and other services will add an extra cost for any other service.

Ans: yes, one can directly book the appointment for a proper date and can schedule it also.

Ans: We have experienced mechanics form best in industry and we cater everything with utmost care. Your vehicle is our vehicle.

Ans : Our customers are our esteemed guest, You can visit our facility to speak to our mechanics and technicians to solve all your car related problems.

Ans : Our approach is to provide personalized service by giving individual attention to every customer need. We will inspect the service needs of your car, and will provide a detailed assessment of the repairs that your car needs. The price quoted for repairs are very competitive, We ensure that the car leaves the garage in good working condition.

Ans : Deepam Carpoint strives to provide quality car repair services at very affordable pocket friendly rates. One can always opt for discounts through the coupons code provided.

Ans: We have tie ups with automobile dealers and partners who offer genuine parts at nominal pricing. From engine oil to basic brake pads, all are from the reputed brands and manufacturers from the industry.

Ans : We offer very good battery replacement services by providing branded battery’s from Exide, Amaron, Okaya, Luminous etc. Our technicians will recommend the best battery based on your budget. We will ensure that the battery meets the specifications like the correct battery dimensions; optimum Ampere-Hour (Ah) rating, Cranking amps (CA), Cold Cranking amps (CCA), and Reserve Capacity (RC) are met.

Ans : We have cars from our own taxi company Deepamtaxi serving since 2007. Our mechanics are experienced in providing technical and mechanical services for popular car brands like Honda, Toyota, Tata, Nissan and Maruti and many more.

Ans : It entirely depends on the kind of services the customer has left his car at the garage. Our mechanics will inspect the damages and service issues that are pending and give you a time estimate. The car is delivered on the same day if they come in for minor repairs.

Ans : Our mechanics and technicians are trained to ensure adequate safety for our customers and their co-workers. The precautions include maintaining adequate social distancing, washing hands with soap and using hand sanitizers, wearing a mask at all times has been made mandatory.

Ans : We do not have the equipment and the license to do the same, we can, however, help with getting this done at an authorized testing centre if requested.

Ans : Any car requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Our technicians can help keep you by assessing the reasons for the same and suggest a car repair job to improve the car’s mileage.

Ans : The Owner User manual is the best reference point to know the best engine oil to be used. There are some synthetic engine oils from reputed oil companies like Shell, Castrol; with special synthetic ingredients that help improve car performance. This choice is entirely dependent on the customer.

Ans : There might be many reasons for strange noises. There can be some underlying wear and tear that needs fixing. It might be due to heavy usage without servicing it for a long time. These strange noises can be from car ignition, brake pads, or the gearbox. Our technicians can diagnose the problem and give you the correct reason for such strange noises.

Ans : The foul smell may be due to food items that have been left to rot without cleaning them. Our superior car interior cleaning services will thoroughly clean the car doormats, remove debris, drill brush & power wash the car mat, vacuum clean the floor liner, car seats, nozzles, and ducts. A car freshener can help provide some much-needed fragrance to make your car smell good again.

We offer 3rd party wheel alignment services that can adjust the wheels to the car manufacturer's specifications. If the wheel and axles make a rectangle, are parallel to each other, and are at a right angle to the road then the wheel is said to be aligned properly. Our technicians will do this to meet the manufacturer's specifications. This reduces tyre wear and tear; the vehicle travels straight and negotiates a bend smoothly without pulling to one side.

Our headlight restoration services inspect and replace dull and poorly functioning headlights. A headlight that is clouded scratched and has slightly faded yellow need cleaning or replacement. This helps illuminate the road better to improve visibility.

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