Engine Services

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  • Engine Oil Change   ₹250 ₹200

    Engine oil replenishment, improves mileage, and saves fuel & smoother rides

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  • Battery Jump Start  ₹250 ₹200

    Battery Jump to kick start a drained battery

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  • Fan Belt Fitting Service  ₹200 ₹150

    The faulty fan belt causes overheating car, dynamo problems, loss of traction & electrical issues.

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  • Timing Belt Fitting Service   ₹1200 ₹1000

    The timing belt synchronizes crankshaft and camshaft of the engine. Checks for rough engine idling, engine misfires, smoke from the engine, oil pressure decline & broken piston and values.

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  • Starter Fitting Service   ₹250 ₹200

    The car’s starter start-up motor to start the engine, checks for engine crank issue, grinding noise smoke & smell

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  • Radiator Fitting Service   ₹250 ₹200

    Car Radiator service check for overheating car engine

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  • Car Dynamo Fitting Service   ₹250 ₹200

    Car Dynamo fitting and service for electrical outages, growling dynamo sounds, strange smells and engine stalling.

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  • Gearbox Fitting & Service   ₹3000 ₹2500

    Gearbox Fitting & Service for gearbox noises, burning oil, failure to engage gears, difficulty changing gears.

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  • Steering Box Fitting Service   ₹1000 ₹800

    Steering box fitting & service for wheel vibrations, difficulty in turning, screeching noise & power fluid discolour

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